Mangalore is a melting pot of cultures, boasting of many monuments of historical, architectural and religious importance.The churches in the city are more than religious symbols, they signify tasteful architecture, an oasis of peace and calm. They signify a place that welcomes all regardless of their backgrounds to share in the eternal sense of hope and joy. Explore the three famous churches of Mangalore.

 Milagres Church

The Milagres Church is a memorable Roman Catholic Church arranged in the Hampankatta territory of Mangalore. Constructed in 1680 by Bishop Thomas De Castro, a Theatine priest of Salcette in Goa, this church has an altar with a French painting of St. Monica and St. Augustine.

 St. Aloysious Chapel

Situated at the local district of the city on a slope, surely understood in the area as the Lighthouse Hill, was worked by Reverend Father Joseph Willy. Visitors from over 63 countries from across the world come to honor this sacred and cultural venue. The area enables you to get a beautiful perspective of the Arabian Sea.

Holy Cross Church

It is arranged at Cordel, Kulshekar, which is 5 kms far from Mangalore downtown area. There are about 6,500 individuals conveyed in 41 wards. A community of love and worship.  It is one of the Must Visit Places in Mangalore.It is few minutes away from infant Jesus Shrine. The recent renovation around this church to make it more attractive is well done and Admirable.