Mangalore is an important city in Karnataka and is situated on the west coast. Mangalore is an important city in Karnataka and is situated on the west coast. The rolling hills, the scattered coconut palms,  freshwater streams, and hard red-clay tiled-roof buildings, pristine beaches, broad roads and calm localities. Mangalore indeed is a plain beauty!!
In the native Tulu language, the city is known as Kudla meaning junction as the city is situated at the confluence of the two rivers Netharavathi and Phalguni. The Konkani language variant of this Kodial. The region covering Mangalore is known locally as Tulunadu.

Places of Devotion in Mangalore

There are lots of churches, Temples and mosques in Mangalore that speaks about the cultural diversity of the city. Some of the most famous places of devotions in Mangalore are: Mangaladevi Temple, Kateel Shri Durgaparameshwari temple, Kudroli temple, Kadri Manjunath Temple, Milagres Church, Ullal Darg, St.Alosius Chapel etc. It is believed that the city derived its name from the temple of Goddess Mangaladevi. It is a ten-day festival at Kudroli Temple attracts thousands of devotees from various states of India who visit Mangalore to witness Dasara and the century-old Sri Gokarnatheswara temple which shimmers with a golden glow. Being a historically important place Mangalore is a famous tourist attraction.

Beaches to Visit in Mangalore

If you stay in Mangalore and plan to have some fun along the seashores, this list of the top five beaches of Mangalore may come in handy. Someshwara Beach, Ullal Beach, Panmboor beach, Surathkal Beach, Sasihithlu Beach. If you are planning a trip to this coastal city and want to enjoy the beauty of the seashores, a visit to the wonderful beaches near Mangalore is a must. We bring to you a list of the 5 spectacular beaches to chill out near Mangalore.

Beach resort in Mangalore: Summer Sands Resort at Ullal, Samudra Darshan Resort in Surathkal, Akuna Matata Resort at Uchila near Udupi, Caribean Beach Resort at Chitrapur near Mulki are the resorts in Mangaluru.

Climate of Mangalore

The climate is tropical in Mangalore. There is significant rainfall in most months of the year. The short dry season has little effect on the overall climate. The average annual temperature in Mangalore is 27.0 °C. The rainfall here averages 3783 mm.

How to reach Mangalore

Mangalore By train: Mangalore Central And Mangalore Junction Are The Two Stations Of Mangalore. This City Is Connected To Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Hassan And Various Other Important Cities Through Its Broad Gauge And Metre Gauge Railway Tracks.

Mangalore By Air: Mangalore has its own airport located around 15 km away from the city centre. Major flights from different domestic and international destinations serve Mangalore on a daily basis.

Mangalore By Road: Direct and regular buses from different parts of Karnataka and nearby states are available for Mangalore. State and private buses connect Mangalore with places like Coimbatore, Kochi, Bangalore, Ooty amongst others.

Mangalore is a city of good-looking people. That probably is the first thing one will notice during their Mangalore visit.